Bird Editions, Oxford, 2012
Text and images: Nancy Campbell

Doverodde shelters in an oxbow on the Limfjord, a glacial channel separating North Jutland from mainland Denmark. Nancy was Writer in Residence in Doverodde during the month leading up to Doverodde Book Arts Festival. The location lay behind the choice of theme for the Festival: On The Margins (‘Udkant’ in Danish).

Nancy writes: Despite the relative isolation of Doverodde, there was always something happening to justify walking away from my studio for a few moments – a boat launch, a flower market, a disagreement between dogs. Alongside work on poems about the region’s geology and waterways, I began to collect notes about my everyday experiences in the village. These sketches developed into short prose pieces, published daily on my website for the entertainment of Doverodde’s residents and distant friends. This selection from those writings provides a dose of life on the margins of Denmark.

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