An Edifying Essay Upon Slugs: Considering Divers Horrible Beasts, Wherin is Described Their Fozy Flesh, Their Fetid Feasting, Their Purposes & Their Peccadillies

Text: Nancy Campbell
Illustration: Abigail Rorer
Devil’s Advocate Press, Mission, British Columbia, 2001
Text hand set and printed in Kennerley and Hadriano, on Zerkall Silurian
Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies. SOLD OUT.

Printers are traditionally expected to complete their first book at the end of their apprenticeship. As Nancy’s year as the ‘printer’s devil’ at Barbarian Press drew to a close, she commissioned illustrations from the American wood engraver Abigail Rorer. The resulting book is a parody of the writings indulged in by amateur naturalists of the Victorian era. It pays homage to the gastropods of the Pacific Northwest forests, where Barbarian Press is located.

An Edifying Essay Upon Slugs sold out on publication. A second edition is planned.